ESG Initiatives

Tose is committed to ESG and SDGs initiatives.



The digital entertainment business sector to which the TOSE Group belongs, has supposedly a relatively small impact on the environment. Nevertheless, we are committed to improving the environment as part of our corporate activities.

Promoting a Paperless Office

We are committed to reducing printed materials. To this end, we encourage, among other things, digitized operations that involve the use of an electronic approval system and paperless meetings with the use of tablets.

Optimizing the Office Air Conditioning Temperature, Saving Electricity, and Encouraging "Cool Biz" and "Warm Biz"

To save energy, we set different temperatures for office air conditioning for summer and winter. We also encourage all our employees to practice Cool Biz and Warm Biz (liberal dress codes for summer and winter according to these set temperatures, respectively).

Promoting Green Purchasing

We purchase eco-friendly IT products such as PCs and monitors.



Promoting Diversity

As our corporate slogan "generate excitement for the world" shows, we strive to plan, develop, and operate game software and content that thrill people around the world. To this end, we promote diversity so that all our employees can develop a global perspective, capitalize on their diverse individuality, and unleash their full potential.

● Supporting women's active engagement

We have an action plan in place in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace. Specific actions under the action plan include promoting women in leadership and increasing the share of female employees.
Share of female employees: 30.7% (as of the end of August 2019)

● Hiring foreign nationals

With our development bases in China and the Philippines, we are active in hiring foreign nationals. Close coordination between these foreign bases and our development bases in Japan helps us train our employees and broaden our global development structure.

● Promoting the employment of PWDs

We actively hire persons with disabilities (PWDs). We are not content with complying with the legally mandated employment rate for PWDs (2.2%). We are also committed to creating an environment where PWDs can enjoy working and feel that their work is rewarding.
Share of PWDs in our staff: 3.12% (FY2018)

Creating a Favorable and Rewarding Working Environment

● Supporting a work-life balance

We offer a range of arrangements to support various work styles so that our employees can work energetically by striking a balance between their work and life. Thanks to maternity and childcare leave and flex-time work scheduling, for example, all our employees who took childcare leave returned to work in FY2018.

<Support arrangements>
Introduced flex-time work scheduling
Set no-overtime days
Set dates when employees are encouraged to take paid leave
Encouraged to take maternity and childcare leave
Introduced the employee benefit programs offered by Relo Club

Training Personnel

We have a range of programs related to personnel affairs and career development. The overarching goal of these programs is to allow every employee to grow as we grow as a company while demonstrating his or her individuality.

● Training program

Our training program is aimed at helping our employees develop their capacity and career while taking their positions and job categories into account.

<Types of training>
Orientation for new recruits
Follow-up training
Training for newly-promoted employees
Training for next-generation executive candidates
Other training provided by Learning Agency Co., Ltd.

● Inspection of gaming shows in Japan and abroad

We provide our engineering staff with opportunities to inspect gaming shows held in Japan and abroad so that they can better understand the market trends and update themselves on relevant information and technologies.

● Conducting special seminars

We offer special seminars by inviting professionals to raise the awareness and technical levels of our art staff. In 2019, we invited Hollywood sculptor Hiroshi Katagiri as a lecturer.

Strictly Complying with Our Privacy Policy

We believe appropriately protecting information that may identify an individual (hereinafter, "personal information") to be a fundamental component of business operations as well as a social responsibility. We recognize the importance of protecting personal information and ensure the appropriate protection and management of such information in accordance with our management and operating regulations related to protecting personal information. For details, see our Privacy Policy.

Strictly Complying with the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors and Other Laws

One of our corporate imperatives is to maintain and develop the relationship of trust with our business partners through fair trade. This is an important pillar of compliance. We are committed to strictly complying with, among other laws and regulations, the Act for Securing the Proper Operation of Worker Dispatching Undertakings and Improved Working Conditions for Dispatched Workers and the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors. Our Legal Group provides training that focuses on these laws.



Ensuring Corporate Governance

Sustaining our growth requires having a sound and transparent management structure as well as increasing business efficiency. As such, we regard enhancing corporate governance as one of our corporate imperatives. For the details of our corporate governance structure, see our Corporate Governance.


● Basic Policy

TOSE believes that pursuing corporate activities in observance of laws and regulations as well as social norms and ethics while providing society with safe and reliable content will contribute to its own growth as a company and to the formation of a sound digital entertainment industry.

● Compliance Structure

All TOSE employees are required to submit a signed statement to the effect that they will comply with laws and ordinances as well as company regulations; protect human rights; maintain a good work environment; abstain from and prohibit insider trading; thoroughly protect sensitive corporate information; and comply with other important matters.

TOSE has also established the CSR Committee chaired by the chairman. The committee monitors the status of compliance with policies stipulated in the Corporate Code of Ethics as well as with Corporate Principles and laws and regulations.

Furthermore, the Company has established the TOSE Hotline, a whistle-blowing system, with the Internal Communications Secretariat and the Internal Audit Office as the contact points. Through this system, TOSE endeavors to ensure that swift action is taken on its own accord and to identify and correct inappropriate behavior and other problematic issues early on.

TOSE Hotline Whistle-Blowing System

TOSE has established the TOSE Hotline as an internal whistleblowing system for reporting violations or equivalent behavior of its Corporate Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Rules. The purpose of the system is to detect violations in the early stages and prevent improper behavior by pointing out problems that those engaging in acts of misconduct do not realize are violations.

The TOSE Hotline also serves as a consulting function for employees experiencing work problems, contributing to realizing an employee-friendly work environment.

Promoting Information Security Activities

For continuous and stable business operations, it is essential to protect information that is handled through business operations from all kinds of threats and thus live up to the expectations of our customers and society at large. We are thus committed to ensuring the strict protection and management of such information with our basic policy on information security and information security standards.

Engaging in Constructive Dialogue with Investors

The linchpin of our IR activities is proactive disclosure of our corporate and financial information to shareholders, investors, and all the other stakeholders in a timely, impartial, and accurate manner. This is part of our efforts to fulfill our corporate accountability. Through this and other activities, we strive to ensure two-way communication with our stakeholders. In this way, we are committed to enhancing business transparency, trusting relationship with stakeholders and increasing corporate value.