When was TOSE established?
TOSE was established in November 1979.
When was TOSE listed on the stock market?
TOSE was listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) and Kyoto Stock Exchange in August 1999. It was then reassigned to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) and the First Section of OSE in August 2001. Now it is listed solely on the First Section of TSE. The ticker code is 4728.
What does the TOSE corporate symbol signify?
The design portrays an ever-growing tree with roots that spread far and wide into the earth. This signifies our direction to grow together while supporting the expansion of the company through the strong roots we have created. The visually appealing red line expresses self-control and moderation.
Can you tell us about TOSE's business?
Click here for details about our business.
Can TOSE handle everything from the planning to development and operation of games and apps?
The development process for games and apps covers a wide area that includes planning, scenario creation, design, programming, music and special effects production, debugging and operation on a network following completion. TOSE provides development services for all of these domains.
Does TOSE have any plans to market its own brand software?
Based on the mantra of "silent force behind the scenes," TOSE has gained the trust of many customers by strictly sticking to commissioned development. This stance will remain unchanged. We are committed to contributing to the advancement of the entertainment industry by maintaining strong relationships with customers as an important partner and making maximum use of valuable information gained through dealing with a wide variety of customers in future management strategy and business development.
What form of sales structure does TOSE employ?
TOSE's sales are comprised of three pillars: (1) development sales, (2) operations sales and (3) royalty sales. Development sales refer to earnings gained once game software and mobile phone content has been developed and delivered to the customer as a deliverable. Operations sales refer to earnings derived from upgrades and distribution of additional content for games and mobile phone content provided through network-based services. Royalty sales refer to earnings gained from game manufacturers and content providers by multiplying the number of units sold or the number of downloads of game titles developed by TOSE by a predetermined price. Please click here for details of TOSE's business model (3 Points about TOSE > Business model)