Guidelines for Deliverables

The entertainment content that TOSE produces has become an integral part of people's lives. Moreover, in recent years smartphones are rapidly spreading among a wide range of age groups and content usage has become progressively globalized. As a result, the influence of content on society as a whole has been increasingly growing.
As a company deeply involved in the creation of such content in the upstream stage, to fulfill such social responsibilities TOSE has independently formulated the "Guidelines for Deliverables" pertaining to its business activities, such as home video game software and mobile content for such devices as mobile phones.

Standards Related to Deliverables (Excerpt)

The TOSE Group's deliverables shall not condone any of the following items.

Human Rights/Ideology

  • Any deliverable that discriminates against race, nationality, gender, ideology, faith, creed, occupation, etc.
  • Any deliverable that justifies or instigates militarism, war or military-related activities.
  • Any deliverable that disrespects or insults by using discriminatory or inappropriate terms.


  • Any deliverable that provocatively expresses murder, violence or other acts of aggression.
  • Any deliverable that provocatively expresses mental or physical pain through the use of maltreatment, torture, vigilantism or other acts of cruelty.
  • Any deliverable that may harm the life or physical safety if imitated by users.
  • Any deliverable that causes discomfort or portrays cruelty by showing dead bodies and bleeding or by depicting bodies in a dismembered or injured state.

Criminal/Antisocial Acts

  • Any deliverable in which the portrayal of criminal acts or antisocial behavior incites the ways and means to commit those actions.
  • Any deliverable that portrays human trafficking and similar acts in an affirmative way.
  • Any deliverable that portrays underage consumption of alcohol and smoking.
  • Any deliverable that affirms or encourages the use of narcotics, stimulants, cannabis, psychotropic drugs or other drugs.
  • Any deliverable that violates the assets, privacy, portrait rights or other rights of third parties.
  • Any deliverable that violates copyrights, industrial property rights (patents, utility models, trademarks, design) or other rights of third parties.


  • Any deliverable that does not consider the sound upbringing of youth.
  • Any deliverable that provocatively uses sexual expressions.
  • Any deliverable that expresses sexual cruelty.
  • Any deliverable that expresses unethical behavior in an affirmative way.

Psychological Matters

  • Any deliverable that encourages the misinterpretation of facts.
  • Any deliverable that encourages the extravagant use of personal funds, or strongly incites participation in gambling.
  • Any deliverable that may have an impact on physical or mental health by using radically changing visuals or audio.


  • Any deliverable that violates guidelines, product inspections standards or other rules stipulated by an industry organization, a customer or the TOSE Group.
  • Any deliverable that damages the trust or interests of users or customers.
  • Any deliverable that proves disruptive to the TOSE Group's business execution.


  • Any deliverable that may lead to the destruction of systems or information leakage as a result of defects in software or system configurations.