Other Services

The TOSE Group engages in partial commissioned development of elements that are indispensable for creating video game software, including game backgrounds, graphic designs of characters and others, as well as background music, sound effects and other audio-related areas.
We also undertake businesses that leverage our network of customers spanning a diverse range of sectors, including the entertainment industry, based on a high degree of plan proposal and development capabilities, network-related technological prowess and sophisticated operational know-how.
In addition, we are proactively exploring the creation of new businesses that involve collaboration among TOSE's customers.

Creation of Game Graphic Designs

We undertake the creation of various graphics, including 2D / 3D game graphics, character designs, backgrounds, motions, UI designs and effects. We can also flexibly accept orders for the creation of designs only.

Creation of Game Audio

We handle audio-related creations, including game background music, sound effects, promotional video music and commercial music, as well as voice editing and audio post-production. We possess a solid record for audio creation for a wide range of genres. We can also flexibly accept orders for the creation of audio only.

Other Businesses

  • Home karaoke music distribution
  • Planning, development and operation of digital media content

Other Services

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