TOSE develops a variety of web-based business systems. In addition to operational system development, which includes smartphone apps, we are also capable of proposing, creating and operating IT infrastructure. Please contact us for the development of your backbone systems (including system connection).

  • Operational System

    We specialize in web-based operational system development. In addition, we also handle client server-related development and tool development. We have experience in website development as well, including development of event-related special content.

  • Business Apps for

    We are capable of making proposals for UI and UX by utilizing our design capabilities cultivated in the video game and entertainment fields. Another area of expertise is the development of apps for various platforms. We also make proposals regarding gamification and design.

  • IT Infrastructure
    Development / Operation

    We offer services for proposing, creating, operating and maintaining IT infrastructure centered on the web. We can meet your needs from the consulting stage irrespective of Linux or Windows systems. We also have experience in proposing, creating and operating monitoring systems.

For inquiries on development projects

We will guarantee confidentiality on your inquiry. Personal information such as your name, phone number and email address provided in the inquiry form shall be used solely to respond to the inquiry. Depending on the inquiry, it may take some time for us to get back to you.

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