Management Policy

Corporate philosophy:
      Building a "company for the ages"Building a "company for the ages"
      Offer Better Products and Services to Contribute to a       Sound, Enriched SocietyOffer Better Products and Services to Contribute to a Sound, Enriched Society
      Generate excitement for the worldGenerate excitement for the world

The concept behind the Tose brand logo
The design of the Tose corporate brand logo depicts a large tree in full and verdant leaf with its roots grounded firmly in the earth.
It expresses our vision: to grow alongside our partners while supporting them from the ground up. The red curve added as a visual accent expresses self-governance and moderation.


Self-governance and trust

Tose will maintain its identity as an enterprise worthy of society's trust by complying with all its obligations, both express and implied, in relation to all laws, regulations, and societal standards, and acting as an exemplar in business in avoiding even the slightest hint of impropriety.

Coexistence with human resources

Tose will continue to create workplaces where employees--the driving force behind all our business activities--can work with a sense of vitality and grow with our organization. Our approach to human resources is based on a respect for one's individuality and an emphasis on health and safety, both for employees and their families.

Growth and challenges

Tose will continue delivering innovative products and services that make an impression on end users. Ultimately, our ability to achieve growth is determined by the tireless efforts of each and every one of our employees.

Contributing to social progress

Tose's growth will contribute to society and reward all its stakeholders. Not only do we pursue profits in a way that reflects consideration for society and the environment, but we factor in the needs of all our stakeholder relationships.