Stakeholder engagement

Major Stakeholders and Basic Policies

Tose strives to strengthen corporate value by making management more transparent and building relationships of trust grounded in open and effective dialogue with all stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement

The Relationships We Strive to Build with Our Major Stakeholders

Shareholders and investors

The relationships we strive to build To bring to life the relationships we strive to build, we're committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities through the active disclosure of corporate information including financial and non-financial information, based on the perspectives of timeliness, fairness, and accuracy. We strive to build relationships in which shareholders and investors understand our management policies and measures based on open two-way dialogue and structures are in place for considering and reflecting stakeholder input in management action.
Primary avenues of communication
  • ・General meetings of shareholders
  • ・Financial briefings for institutional investors
  • ・IR meetings
  • ・Our IR website
  • ・Shareholder bulletins

Corporate customers

The relationships we strive to build We seek to earn the trust of corporate partners and to build long-term win-win relationships based on our high-quality development and operation services, as well as through plans and proposals that reflect the true needs of our customers. Additionally, we seek to create new businesses with the involvement of customers from different industries and our wide-ranging customer network.
Primary avenues of communication
  • ・Sales activities
  • ・Development contacts
  • ・Website contact point

End users

The relationships we strive to build We seek to build relationships in which we enrich lives based on high-quality digital content. We seek to gain recognition as an enterprise that uses the technologies and expertise acquired by accumulating game development experience to contribute to the progress of digital content that extends beyond entertainment to a broad range of other fields.
Primary avenues of communication
  • ・Feedback from corporate customers
  • ・Checking reviews on social media and elsewhere
  • ・Website contact point


The relationships we strive to build With our suppliers, we seek to establish relationships based on procurement characterized by fair transactions, which promote procurement reflecting our corporate social responsibility concerns.
Primary avenues of communication
  • ・Everyday development cooperation
  • ・Exchange of information through visits and other means


The relationships we strive to build With our employees, we seek to establish workplace environments that acknowledge diverse work styles and support the development of individual careers so that each and every employee can grow with the Company through work done in a spirit of vitality, based on individual strengths.
Primary avenues of communication
  • ・Communication from top management
  • ・One-on-one meetings
  • ・Training program
  • ・Health management (checkups, stress checks, health hotline)
  • ・TOSE Hotline (internal whistleblowing system)

Industry associations

The relationships we strive to build With industry associations, we seek to contribute to industry-wide innovation and development based on everyday business activities. We help build a future for digital entertainment centered on games through concerted efforts in the industry. At the same time, we seek to find solutions to the social challenges facing the industry through our cooperative efforts.
Primary avenues of communication
  • ・Exchange of information by top management
  • ・Attendance and presentations in symposia, training sessions, study meetings, etc.
  • ・Participation in Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA)*1 events
  • ・Promotion of activities as a member of Kyoto Cross Media Experience (CMEX)*2
  • ・Industry staff meetings

*1 Japanese industry association whose membership consists of corporations and individuals involved in the computer entertainment industry, including most of the major players in Japan's computer game industry. Its purpose is to contribute to the progress and success of the industry.

*2 Committee with members drawn from a broad range of industrial, academic, and public sectors in Kyoto whose mission is to integrate and communicate content from Kyoto. Its goals are to promote the content industry, develop and encourage interaction among human resources, and enhance Japan's international competitive strength.

Local communities

The relationships we strive to build With our local communities, reflecting our identity as a company with roots in Kyoto, we seek to contribute to our local community by passing along the traditional spirit, knowledge, and skills of Kyoto; by supporting the arts and culture of Kyoto; and by undertaking business development initiatives in Kyoto.
Primary avenues of communication
  • ・Participation in and support to stimulate local industry
  • ・Participation in and support for community cultural and traditional activities
  • ・Support and sponsorship to develop the next generation of management
  • ・Support for and sponsorship of sports teams and athletic events
  • ・Support for youth protection and education
  • ・Support for public safety
  • ・Regular meetings with local authorities