Social initiatives


Respect for Human Rights

Across its various corporate activities, the Tose Group emphasizes respect for the fundamental human rights of all. This outlook is explicitly set forth in our Corporate Code of Ethics, which all employees read and pledge to comply with every year.
In cooperation with our suppliers and business partners, the Tose Group supports the International Bill of Human Rights and maintains and promotes working environments free of human rights abuses.

Promoting Diversity

As our corporate slogan "generate excitement for the world" shows, we strive to plan, develop, and operate game software and content that thrill people around the world. To this end, we promote diversity so that all our employees can develop a global perspective, capitalize on their diverse individuality, and unleash their full potential.

● Supporting women's active engagement

We have an action plan in place in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace. Specific actions under the action plan include promoting women in leadership and increasing the share of female employees.


● Hiring foreign nationals

With our development bases in China and the Philippines, we are active in hiring foreign nationals. Close coordination between these foreign bases and our development bases in Japan helps us train our employees and broaden our global development structure.


● Promoting the employment of PWDs

We actively hire persons with disabilities (PWDs). We are not content with complying with the legally mandated employment rate for PWDs (2.3%). We are also committed to creating an environment where PWDs can enjoy working and feel that their work is rewarding.
Share of PWDs in our staff: 2.56% (FY2021)

Creating a Favorable and Rewarding Working Environment

● Supporting a work-life balance

We support a diversity of workstyles to allow our employees to work with a sense of vitality, based on a harmonious balance of work life and personal life. Examples include our flextime system; our practice of specifying dates on which all employees are encouraged to take paid vacation; measures to promote maternity and childcare leave; programs that give employees the freedom to work second or concurrent jobs; and the development and operation of a remote working environment.In FY2021, carrying out these activities helped us maintain the percentage of employees who return from childcare leave at 100%.


<Support arrangements>
Introduced flex-time work scheduling
Set dates when employees are encouraged to take paid leave
Encouraged to take maternity and childcare leave
Introduced the employee benefit programs

Training Personnel

We have a range of programs related to personnel affairs and career development. The overarching goal of these programs is to allow every employee to grow as we grow as a company while demonstrating his or her individuality.

● Training program

Our training program is aimed at helping our employees develop their capacity and career while taking their positions and job categories into account.

<Types of training>
Introductory training for new hires
Follow-up training
Training for candidates for future managers
Management training
Business basics training
Level-specific e-learning on business fundamentals and other topics

● Tours of international gaming industry shows

We provide engineers with tours of international gaming industry shows to deepen their knowledge of market trends and the latest in information and technologies.
* These tours are currently suspended due to COVID-19.

● Special seminars

From time to time, we invite renowned speakers from outside the organization to lead special seminars intended to improve the technological capabilities of our diverse development staff members.

● Participation in outside seminars

We participate actively, both as attendees and as speakers, in external training opportunities such as study meetings on development engines and symposia for game developers.

Guidelines for Deliverables

As a company deeply involved with digital content creation, we independently established the Group's Guidelines for Deliverables, under which we pledge to pursue our business activities based on a good-faith consideration of human rights and the wellbeing of youth. For more information, see Guidelines for Deliverables.

Strictly Complying with Our Privacy Policy

We believe appropriately protecting information that may identify an individual (hereinafter, "personal information") to be a fundamental component of business operations as well as a social responsibility. We recognize the importance of protecting personal information and ensure the appropriate protection and management of such information in accordance with our management and operating regulations related to protecting personal information. For details, see our Privacy Policy.

Social Contribution Activities

Based on the theme of giving back to our hometown of Kyoto, Tose continues to engage in a wide range of activities, including support for the youth of Kyoto, measures to protect traditional culture and the natural environment, and support for childrearing. For more information, see Social Contribution Activities.