To Our Stakeholders

Shigeru Saito
Chairman and CEO
Yasuhito Watanabe
President and COO

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to our shareholders and investors.

Since its establishment in 1979, TOSE has provided a wide range of services. They include not only the planning, proposal and development of home video game software and content for mobile phones but also the planning, development and operation of network-based content such as home karaoke music distribution and digital comic distribution.

As one of Japan's largest independent, proposal-oriented commissioned developers, TOSE's foremost strengths are its proven track record and trust gained by providing support for the upstream development for customers in diverse fields that include game software publishers, mobile phone carriers and mobile content providers as well as publication and music content companies.

To date, TOSE has been involved in the development of approximately 2,300 home video game software and mobile content titles. This figure is significant even among the world's leading commissioned developers of entertainment software. We apply an abundance of long-accumulated know-how not only in the creation of video game software but also in the development of content for diverse genres. In particular, we offer one-stop development services for sophisticated and rich content for various platforms, including home video game consoles and smartphones, earning high praise among numerous customers. Another major feature of TOSE is its involvement in the collaboration business, which brings together customers from different industries by taking advantage of its wide network with customers.

In addition, TOSE has established a solid management foundation by consistently achieving profitable and debt-free operations and maintaining financial soundness since its founding.

TOSE emphasizes management based on corporate social responsibility (CSR), and accordingly, lays out the basic policies and principles that should be observed in pursuit of our corporate activities. These include our basic CSR policy of "offering better products and services to contribute to a sound, enriched society" and corporate principles that emphasize "Trust, Effort, Challenge, Coexistence, Contribution." In addition, we have stipulated the "Guidelines for Deliverables" in our efforts to undertake all business activities with an acute awareness of being a good corporate citizen and fulfilling our responsibilities in this role.

Setting our sights on the future of the digital entertainment industry, we will continue our efforts to improve our corporate value on an ongoing basis. As we move forward, we ask for the continued understanding and support of our shareholders and investors.

Shigeru SaitoChairman & CEO

Yasuhito WatanabePresident & COO