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Chairman and CEO Shigeru Saito,President and Yasuhito Watanabe

Shigeru Saito
Chairman and CEO
Yasuhito Watanabe
President and COO

In keeping with our corporate philosophy of building a "company for the ages," Tose's management is focused squarely on sustainability. To ensure that our growth is based on solid foundations and contributes both to the growth of our diverse stakeholders and to progress in Japanese society, our activities are grounded in issues central to the environment, society, and governance (ESG). Human resources are our most important assets, and we regard diversity and human resource development as key issues in our sustainability initiatives. In addition, based on our corporate slogan-Generate excitement for the world-we seek to build a better future by providing a wide range of digital content that reflects the exciting arts and culture of our Kyoto heritage.

Since our 2019 reorganization, we have emphasized a culture in which staff can work comfortably in an open and inviting corporate atmosphere. To express our deep respect for the diverse careers, workstyles, and personalities of our employees, we're currently reforming our HR systems and improving workplace environments and benefits. While the rapid adoption of remote work in response to COVID-19 posed some serious obstacles to these efforts, we were able to maintain stable performance thanks to the high level of consideration expressed by organizational leadership as well as all the employees, who never lost sight of their sense of teamwork despite the challenge of shifting from in-person interaction to remote communication. We will continue to promote various improvements in the area of human resources.

We also regard the development and deployment of digital technologies as well as the use of these to improve quality of life (QOL) as important topics in our ESG initiatives. The trend toward Web 3.0 technologies continues to accelerate worldwide, which is expected to give birth to surprising new value such as metaverse solutions and NFT technologies, as well to a more equitable and sustainable Internet environment. For us, this represents not merely a new business opportunity, but a step towards strengthening the value of digital content over the long haul. We're committed to safeguarding rights, improving efficiencies, and pursuing other efforts that add value to our shared world.

Through sustainability initiatives that focus on these topics, Tose will contribute to a more sustainable society and, by extension, to enriched lives for our stakeholders. We remain grateful for your continued support and understanding.

Shigeru SaitoChairman and CEO

Yasuhito WatanabePresident and COO